A thousand mile journey begins with a single step – planning. With a rucksack, campervan, and cooking equipment, you can wander around Australia and start your outdoor adventure. You don’t need to buy a plane ticket and get hotel accommodations just to explore your country. All you need is proper planning and equipment.


Shelter is an important factor, as it protects you from extreme temperatures, snow, wind, and lightning. You can’t survive more than three hours without shelter in a place that is too cold or hot. With a campervan, you don’t need to worry about your tent being destroyed or creating a bonfire for cooking. These vehicles make your trip more convenient, as they include beds, stoves, and other essential tools.

Food and Water

Being hungry and dehydrated can prevent you from making wise decisions in a survival situation. Camping experts say that people can survive for three days without water and three weeks without food. Pack water purification tools like filters, and snacks such as granola and dried fruits to satisfy hunger and thirst. Cooking food is easier with a campervan that has stoves and other kitchen equipment, like our Deluxe Family High Top Campervan.


Keeping warm is a key to survival. Bring waterproof matches or a lighter for your trip. For added safety, practice using flint and steel to create a bonfire. Experts suggest using smaller kindling, like twigs, to start your bonfire, and then adding large pieces of wood once the fire gets going.


First aid kits should always be on hand. The kit must include sterile gauze, bandages, antibiotic ointment, and tweezers. You should also bring basic over-the-counter drugs, like painkillers, in case of emergencies.

There’s nothing worse than travelling for miles and finding out you’ve forgotten an important tool upon reaching your destination. Avoid this by planning your camping expedition and buying the important equipment you will need.

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