More Young Australians Travelling on Campervans Australia, Survey Shows

When it comes to travelling the country in campervans Australia, grey nomads, or folks at the retirement age, have had the monopoly throughout the years. However, it seems that the trend is changing nowadays and more and more young Australians are joining the camping and caravanning bandwagon.

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According to Stuart Lamont, chief executive at the Caravan Industry of Association of Australia, young Australians, particularly those with kids, are the biggest consumers of cheap campervan hire services. This statement is supported by survey data released by Tourism Research Australia. According to the report, people aged 25 to 44 years old have taken the most domestic caravan and camping trips each year for the past five years, accounting for about 40% of these trips from 2009 to June 2014.

And despite that prevailing stereotype that most seniors spend their savings travelling around the country in campervans Australia, people aged 65 years and older accounted for just 14% of caravan and camping trips during the five year period. “Grey nomads are very prominent and maybe that gives the perception that they are the ones who caravan most. They are highly important in our sector, but they are just not in the same numbers as the family market,” said Lamont.

One of the reasons for the growing number of young people going on caravan and camping trips is that getting cheap campervan hire services and driving yourselves to various destinations is much cheaper than going on a conventional holiday. For some, like Catherine Kane who is taking her family for a camping trip this summer, it is also a great way to relive their childhood, enjoy the simple joys in life, and have that family connection.

Travelling on campervans Australia and enjoying the great outdoors also seems to be the “in” thing these days, despite conditions that make travelling abroad a much lovelier option. According to Tourism Research Australia, the number of campervan users and campers has increased by 12% to more than 9.7 million despite the high dollar and cheaper international flights. The figure was said to be the highest in five years.

Taking your family on a trip amidst Australia’s wilderness and national parks is indeed an iconic Aussie past time that you should try at least once in your life. So if you haven’t jumped in to the bandwagon yet, now is a great time to join the growing number of Australians, both young and old, who are travelling the country on campervans Australia.