Ways to Enjoy the Australian Winter with Campervan Hire Adelaide

If you think summer and autumn months are only the best times to get campervan hire Adelaide and explore Australia, think again. Whether you are an Australian native or a foreigner visiting the continent, there are many activities you can do and places you can explore without having to worry about extremely low temperatures and violent snowstorms like what people in the Northern Hemisphere usually experience. Read on and find out what these activities are.

Take the ultimate road trip by traversing Stuart Highway from Adelaide and through the Outback of the Northern Territory. The highway connects tropical Darwin to surreal Alice Springs and Uluru (or Ayer’s Rock for those who aren’t from Australia) through what Lonely Planet describes as “Mars-like settings.” According to experts, winter time is the best time to make this road trip and pay Uluru a visit because of the relatively milder temperatures in the region. Also, there are campervan rentals Adelaide companies that have drop-off points in Darwin so travelling to the Northern Territory won’t be too much of a problem.

Or if you’re feeling less ambitious, you can go east instead of north. Travel from Adelaide to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road and see the world-famous Twelve Apostles. There are also great natural attractions and quaint seaside towns that offer seafood and local dishes many visitors, travellers, and frequent campervan hire Adelaide users swear by.

Want to celebrate Christmas in July? If you do, then you should get campervan rentals Adelaide and drive yourself to Katoomba. Located about 110 kilometres west of Sydney, Katoomba is one of the places in the Blue Mountains that celebrate Christmas off-season, thanks to the region’s annual Yulefest festivities. If you’re a native Australian and you have been wanting to experience a White Christmas since you were young, winter and a campervan Adelaide will present you the perfect opportunity to make this dream a reality.

Don’t want to go far from Adelaide? Well, there are numerous activities you can enjoy in South Australia during the winter season so don’t cancel your plans to get campervan hire Adelaide services just yet. For starters, you can drive yourself to the South Australian section of the Simpson Desert and enjoy off-road driving. This activity is quite popular among many 4WD enthusiasts so you can be sure to find people who will enjoy exploring bushlands with you this time of the year.

So you see, you don’t have to stay indoors during these cold winter months. Get campervan hire Adelaide services and go explore the country. You’ll be sure to have a great time.