A Resident From Belford Doubts About the Safety of Travelers and Users of Campervans Over Damaged Service/Brief Stop

Those who travel on campervans and visit the Hunter Region has found an ally in a local resident. Richard Fox has bemoaned the condition of the Belford rest area, which has fallen into a state of disrepair over the last few months. Unfortunately, despite the place being a popular rest stop for visitors with campers and caravans, local authorities have yet to respond to request for immediate repairs.

Mr. Fox, who lives near the Belford rest area adjacent to the New England Highway, witnessed first-hand how many people are stopping over at the place to rest and camp, especially during holiday breaks. According to him, many people are still using the facility, including those who hire campervans. “Most nights the area has at least a couple of vans camping there—I think it’s popular because it is off the highway and, therefore, much quieter than the rest area at Whittingham,” he said.

Because many people are using the area to camp and rest for the night, it is inevitable that some of its facilities will get damaged. Nearly 12 months ago, Mr. Fox reported to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) that the seat on one of the two picnic tables was broken, saying that it could be dangerous to those who travel on campervans and camp in the rest area. Up until now, however, Mr. Fox has yet to hear from the RMS.

While Mr Fox understands that it can take some time for the local authorities to act and address complaints or reports, waiting for almost one year for a simple repair to the picnic table seems to be a bit odd, not to mention, too long. “Within 24 hours, the damaged seat was removed. But now, all these months later, it has not been replaced,” he said. And with the opening of the Hunter Expressway, more people who hire campervans and caravans are likely to visit the area and see that the broken picnic table is still there.

It remains unclear whether folks from the RMS have already heeded Mr Fox’s request for immediate repairs. But if you and your friends are travelling on and are visiting the area, be mindful of your safety when using the facilities at the Belford rest area.

And just like any considerate tourist or camper, always take care of your surroundings and dispose of your waste properly before you leave the area and take your campervans to visit other places. Think of people, like Mr Fox, who look after rest areas and are concerned for the safety of travellers.