Sydney Residents and Campervans Users Experience Total Fire Ban, Rare Sea Fog

People travelling in campervans to New South Wales and South Australia were unable to make the most of their camping trips after a total fire ban has been placed in certain parts of the two states. Sydney and other parts of NSW and SA continued to experience scorching temperatures as hot air moved across the central region.

Fire crews were on high alert over the weekend and Monday as the hottest November day ever was recorded in NSW. According to reports, temperatures in the western part of the state reached a sweltering 45.3 degrees Celsius. With bushfires being expected to occur in the eastern and southern parts of the country, the local authorities in NSW and SA placed a total fire ban that lasted until Sunday midnight. They warned everyone, including those who have signed up for campervan hire Adelaide services and went on camping trips, to avoid doing anything that would trigger massive bushfires.

Meanwhile, Sydney beachgoers and those who are travelling in campervans were greeted by a unique weather spectacle as a rare sea fog descended on the city amidst the sweltering temperatures. According to meteorologists, the spectacular weather phenomenon formed off the coast of the city when very hot air came into contact with much cooler water. As a result, the city and its neighbouring areas, including Sydney CBD, were blanketed by a thick, gray fog.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to go to the beach or go camping over the weekend, see to it that you make all the necessary preparations. Check the local news to keep yourself updated with the latest news regarding possible bushfires in your area or in the place you’re planning to visit. Also, be sure to contact the campervan hire Adelaide company for advice.

If there are no fire bans or any weather disturbance on the day of your trip, make sure that you pack your cooler with bottles of water and sports drink. With the summer season fast approaching and the rest of country being told to expect sweltering temperatures in the days to come, it is very important to keep yourself always hydrated, especially if you have plans to stay outdoors for an extended period of time. This is to ensure that you will enjoy your campervans holiday to the fullest.

Summer is the best time to travel in campervans and explore the country’s various scenic spots. So book a campervan and start planning that summer holiday. Just make sure that you are well-prepared to avoid tricky situations.