Falling AUD Encourage More Australians to Sign Up for Campervan Hire Adelaide Services

While the weaker Australian dollar might be bad for the economy, it is actually good for the country’s caravanning industry. According to reports, more and more Australians are signing up for campervan hire Adelaide services and driving around the country as the falling Australian dollar makes it more expensive for them to travel overseas.

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Ryan Lin, a senior industry analyst at IBISWorld, said an increase in domestic tourism by Australians is driving the country camping grounds, caravan parks, as well as caravan renters and dealers. “It is becoming a lot more expensive now to travel overseas due to the low dollar. The travellers who are a lot more cost conscious may want to take a trip around somewhere at home as opposed to book costly travel to the United States or to Europe,” he said.

Industry reports showed continued growth for companies manufacturing caravans and motorhomes. According to them, Australian RV production in 2014 was the second highest in two decades. Caravans and campervans are also being registered at a faster rate than any other type of motor vehicle during the same period.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont is fairly confident that this favourable trend will continue. He said the country’s caravan industry is likely to enjoy “tremendous growth” for the next 20 years, especially with the growing number of retirees and young families being enchanted with the caravanning and camping lifestyle.

According to IBISWorld, renters and dealers of trailers and campervans have experienced strong growth over the last five years, thanks to retirees or “grey nomads” enjoying extended holidays in RVs and young families taking more caravanning holidays despite rising discretionary incomes. However, unlike Mr Lamont, IBISWorld is somewhat sceptical that the caravan industry will experience tremendous growth in the next few years.

Analysts predict that industry revenue will grow at a much slower pace in the next five years. One of the most likely reason for this is that demand for caravans will slow down as new retirees have already purchased new campers. They also predict revenue growth for caravan parks and camping grounds to slow down due to the closure of smaller park operators.

Meanwhile, if you want to travel but the falling dollar is discouraging you from spending your hard-earned money on an overseas trip, why don’t you consider getting cheap campervan hire and going on an Australian road trip instead? Not only is it much cheaper, you can also help the local tourism and caravanning industry.