Best Way to See More of Australia’s Great Scenery and Attractions

Australia is a huge country with most of the best locations many kilometres from the nearest city. Therefore hire campervans are probably the best way to see more of its great scenery and attractions. Viva Campers is an Adelaide based campervan hire company that allows you to drive your family and friends to your choice of locations at your pace. If you find somewhere that really appeals to you, you have your accommodation with you, so you can spend as long as you like to enjoy the views. With agents in most capital cities you can hire a Viva campervan Australia wide. There is no reason for not picking your camper up in one city and dropping it off in another.

The drive from Melbourne to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road offers some of the best scenery in the world, with many wonderful caravan parks along the way, where you can enjoy a hot shower, a swim in the pool and some barbeques to cook on. They are also great places to meet like minded travellers and maybe form some lasting friendships as you enjoy a drink while exchanging stories of your adventures.

Travelling further along the east coast will take you through some snow covered mountains in the south and up to some terrific rain forests and winding mountain roads as you head further north. Heading inland, the experiences of the outback with the famous red dust and vast desserts can truly be appreciated as you traverse them in your hire campervan.

If you are a wine buff you could start at the Hunter Valley before making your way to South Australia, where we have several wine making area that are world renown. Clare Valley, the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Valley and of course the Barossa Valley are the best known of these.

As you can see, Australia has attractions to suit most tastes and scenery to rival the best in the world. What better way can you think of taking these sights in than driving through this great land in a campervan hired from Viva Campers.