Rent Campervan Hire Adelaide as 67% of Hotels Cut Their Services over Easter Holiday

If you’re going on a vacation this Easter holiday, perhaps you may want to consider signing up for campervan hire Adelaide services instead of booking a hotel room. Reports said about two-thirds of hotels across the nation are planning to temporarily close this Holy Week to avoid paying hefty fines. Those that are not shutting down are reportedly limiting their services.

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The Tourism Accommodation Authority (TAA) just recently conducted a survey of hotels and accommodations across the country and found that 67% of hoteliers in all states and territories will be either closing their doors or cutting their services. TAA Managing Director Rodger Powell acknowledged that while this will upset many holiday makers, hotel chains are not changing their stance. It is because most of them see little profit in continuing their operations while there’s a huge fine waiting for them. As such, those who are going on a trip this Easter holiday are better off getting campervan rentals Adelaide.

Powell blamed the hoteliers’ decision on the public holiday penalty rates that are as high as 275% for casual workers under the Hotel Industry (General) Award, and 250% for permanent staff on Good Friday and Easter Monday, which are public holidays in all states and territories. Meanwhile, as hoteliers are turning their backs on potential customers, many campervan hire Adelaide companies are seeing this as an opportunity for people to get access to more cost-effective and convenient accommodations.

Renting a campervan Adelaide is one of the best alternatives to booking a hotel room. Not only does it allow you to maximise your Easter holiday to the fullest, it also makes it easier for you to relax and wind down after a day of exploring the sights and sounds of Australia. Because you have your very own “home on wheels,” you need not get a hotel room and make additional expenses. That is the beauty of getting campervan rentals Adelaide.

Unlike most hotels in the nation, campervan hire Adelaide companies will service customers this Easter holiday. With many people wanting to take opportunity to spend the long weekend with their friends and loved ones, rental companies don’t certainly want to spoil their fun and dampen their moods.

So if you don’t want to spoil your vacation and suffer from the lack of available accommodations, make sure you book campervan hire Adelaide services. This way, you can take your friends or family to a memorable yet inexpensive holiday trip and make the most of your Easter vacation.