Get Cheap Campervan Hire and Visit Australia’s Best “Secret” Campsites

With cheap campervan hire services, you can make the most of your camping holiday. You can enjoy bigger savings because you don’t have to purchase extra camping equipment. After all, you have your very own home on wheels. And more importantly, you have the freedom to visit and explore different places without having to worry about where you should sleep.


Meanwhile, if you are in an “exploratory” mood, why don’t you consider renting a campervan today and going on a camping trip? But if you are sick and tired of the usual camping grounds that you visit with your friends or family every year, here is a quick guide to some of the country’s best secret camping sites. Check out these places for an exciting camping holiday.

Mystery Bay, NSW. Located near Narooma, Mystery Bay is perfect for families as kids can ride their bikes through the campsite. Gorgeous beaches also flank the campsite, so if you love swimming and fishing, this is the place for you. While the place is secluded, it offers campers easy access to various shops and fishing spots in Narooma.

Cape Trib Camping, Cape Tribulation, QLD. Cape Trib is one solid reason why you should sign up for campervan hire services and drive all the way to Cape Tribulation in Queensland. Cape Trib camping site is just a stone throw’s away from a beautiful beach and is very close to a freshwater swimming hole, providing campers with two excellent swimming options. Despite being a “secret” campsite, Cape Trib is not that secluded as there’s a nice kitchen, bar, and restaurant on site. Craving for a slice of pizza? Don’t worry because there’s also tasty pizzas on offer.

Ikara Safari Camp, SA. Located in Wilpena Pound in South Australia, Ikara Safari Camp is for those who want to have a different camping experience. If you want to snuggle under a king-size bed while taking in the sight of the rugged Flinders Ranges, then this campsite is for you. You can even get an en suite and air conditioning in case you have a bigger budget for your camping holiday.

Johanna Beach, VIC. Have plans to explore the Great Ocean Road? Then make sure that you have a stopover at Johanna Beach when you finally have the chance to execute your plan. Johanna Beach offers drive-in camping on the grass in the Great Otway National Park, which is perfect for those traveling in campervans. It is dog-friendly and it offers panoramic ocean views, too.