Want to go to Germany without leaving Australia? Then you should get cheap campervan hire services and visit Hahndorf. About 30 minutes from Adelaide on the South Eastern freeway, Hahndorf is a small country town with a German heritage. Yes, you guessed it, another tourist trap, but one that’s worth a look. So if you are heading between Adelaide and Melbourne, take a break, pull off the freeway, and spend an hour or two wandering up and down the main street. There are lots of little shops selling handmade and mass produced items, including locally made wines and small goods, leather products, and cheeses. There are also plenty of places to eat.

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One of my favourites is Udder Delights, which is a small family owned business that sells goat cheese. If you have never tried it before, make sure you do so because it is very good. As a matter of fact, it is definitely worth driving your campervans over. If you are lucky you, will run into Sheree Sullivan, the owner and cheese maker. She’s a very lovely lady who also does cheese making courses, which I have done and enjoyed and would recommend.

Otto’s Bakery is where you can buy beautiful cakes and pastries. If you have not tried an Ozzie meat pie yet, this is a very good place to start so get cheap campervan hire services and drive yourself to Hanhdorf.

My favourite place to eat in Hahndorf would have to be the German Arms Hotel, with traditional German meals that maybe better than the mother land. It’s hard to go past the Slow Roasted Pork Hock with Sauerkraut and Rhine potato & cider glaze. Always cooked just right and always washed down with a stein German beer.


Then after all that eating, there are more shops to look at in the street so park your campervans and take a leisurely stroll. You can pick strawberries and buy other seasonal fruits along the road and there is a great farmers market on the Adelaide side of the town. You will get many locally made products that you would not find in big supermarket chains.

There are many parks and places to sit and enjoy along the street. In the leather shop, they serve a shot of port to welcome you to the store, just one of the hundreds of surprises you will find as you explore this lovely little town. So get cheap campervan hire, blend in with the other tourists, and find your favourite park of Hahndorf in country South Australia