So where should you go after getting campervan hire? How about Victor Harbour? Victor Harbour is located about two hours from Adelaide and is a great little tourist trap. In summer, it is a very busy place and a well enjoyed holiday spot for locals with beautiful safe beaches, great caravan parks, and plenty of spots for free camping, but in winter it gets visited by the Southern Right Whale.

South Australian Whale centre Victor Harbor opens from 10.30-5pm. They can give you the heads up on where to spot the Southern right whales. Every winter, South Australia enjoys the return of Southern Right whales to its shores so contact your friendly campervan hire Adelaide company, head over to Victor Harbour, and see these majestic creatures in action.

According to local campervan hire companies, the first arrivals in Encounter Bay are usually expected in mid-May to August, and are eagerly awaited by whale watchers who hope to catch a glimpse of the huge beasts from atop the cliffs and headlands of the area’s stunning coastline. Their 80-tonne bodies are rotund rather than streamlined and a full-grown adult can reach 18m – the size of a bus. At a distance, you can identify a southern right whale by their v-shaped blow or exhalation. Although they can hold their breath for up to an hour, they are more likely to resurface after 10-20 minutes where they will rest.

Getting cheap campervan hire also allows you to see the little penguin (Eudyptula minor), the world’s smallest penguin and one of the few penguins whose colony is so close to a city. It stands just 35cm and weighs about 1.2kg .The male penguin will construct his burrow in a rock crevice or sand dune, then invite a female to inspect; if she likes it, she will mate and lay up to three clutches of eggs in the winter months.

Little penguins are vulnerable to sea eagles, fur seals, goannas, snakes, dogs, foxes, cats, and humans. Granite Island is a great place to see the little penguins. You can walk from the main square in Victor Harbour across the bridge to Granite Island and in about one hour, you can walk around the island and maybe spot a penguin or two hiding in the rocks. You can take a penguin tour at sunset most nights for about $12.50. You can check out the penguin centre located on the island. There is a great little coffee shop where you can sit and watch the ocean. By enlisting the services of a campervan hire Adelaide company, you can feel closer to nature and have such a unique experience and more. So rent a campervan today and visit Victor Harbour.