Choosing the right backpacks for your campervan trip

Before setting off backpacking to see as much as we could in 12 months we spent a lot of time looking for the right backpacks. We knew if we got something that did not suit, it could put a real strain on our freedom to move around. We wanted good quality backpacks that would stand up to the task we were asking.

Find someone that knows what they are talking about and can help you choose the right backpack for you. Buy the best quality backpacks you can afford, treat it right and you will have a travel partner for a very long time.

Size does matter, getting a backpack that is suited to your high and carrying ability is important. There is no point getting a Long 65lt backpack if you are short and only capable of carrying 50lt backpack. A padded adjustable harness that is fitted correctly to your size and shape will help distribute the load helping to relieve pressure on your back and shoulders when carrying you backpacks for long periods of time.

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Choosing the right backpack for your campervan trip


I prefer a Front opening backpack rather than the traditional top loading that a lot of backpackers use. Having front open backpacks makes it easier to find what you are looking for without pulling everything out of the backpack. Other things I like to have is the option of zipping my day pack to my backpack. Having a bottom opening is also handy, especially if it gives you the option to have a separate compartment that can be used for shoes or wet clothes. I also like the Harness Cover that protects the harness of the backpack when not in use which reduces the chance of damage to the harness when loaded as luggage on plains trains and buses. The type of backpack is also important when you hire a campervan. Some campervans have limited storage space, you need to consider how you will accessing your belongings with ease without having to constantly move you backpacks around your campervan.