More Chinese Visitors Signing Up for Cheap Campervan Hire Services

It seems that local tourists are not the only ones who are fond of cheap campervan hire services. Recent reports showed that there are a growing number of visitors from China who are touring the country on a campervan and visiting Australia’s caravan parks. This shows that renting a campervan and travelling around the country is indeed a great way to spend time with your friends and loved ones.

campervan hire-chinese

Big4 Holiday Parks, which manages 180 caravan parks across the country, said Chinese tourists now make up their second largest market behind local tourists. Kari Hunter, a spokeswoman for the company, said of the park’s 10% international booking in January 2015, more than half of them were from China. She added that the Chinese visitors were second after Australians in terms of visitors and revenue.

Because of the growing number of tourists from China who are renting campervans and staying at caravan parks, Big4 is providing their managers with “cheat sheets” in Mandarin so they can communicate well with their guests. The company also launched a Chinese language website two months ago. Some rental companies, on the other hand, are providing DVDs explaining Australia’s road rules.

It seems that this trend will continue for more years to come as tourism officials are keen on attracting the attention of more foreign visitors. According to Caravan and Camping Association NSW chief executive Lyndal Gray, they are coming up with more ways to encourage Chinese and other international tourists to take road holidays in Australia. “Traditionally, most of the camping and caravan business has been the domestic market, but more and more international travellers are wanting to get out of the big cities,” she said.

Tourism and Transport Forum CEO Margy Osmond said 100 million Chinese are expected to take international holidays this year, providing local tourism operators with the opportunity to generate bigger income. “We want a larger slice of the pie and encouraging more Chinese to take a caravan holiday will certainly help,” Ms Osmond added.

If foreign tourists are able to appreciate the joys of going on a road trip, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll love it, too. So if you haven’t tried renting a campervan and going on a camping or road trip, now is a great time to do so. With reliable companies offering campervan hire services, you can enjoy a great holiday and see spectacular sights across the country without spending a huge amount of money.