Cheap Campervan Hire: Stop by at Two Wells

Get cheap campervan hire services and drive 40km north of Adelaide. There, you will see Two Wells, a small step of the Port Wakefield Highway. Named after the two wells that the local aborigines of the area drank from, Two Wells is a small but lovely farming town in rural Australia with little more than a Pub, football oval, a few shops, and a tank.

But not any tank; it’s actually a 90 Leopard AS 1 Main Battle Tank. First released in 1977 by the Royal Australian Armoured Corps , the 42-tonne beast replaced the Centurion Tank that was put into service in 1952. Sadly in 2007, the 59 Abram M1A1 tank replaced the leopard tank and become the army’s MBT. If you want to see it up close, then drive your campervans and make a quick stop in Two Wells.

The leopard is powered by a V10 Daimler Benz diesel engine that puts out a whopping  610 kW (830hp) at 2200 rpm big for its day and has a ZF auto gear box with two reverses and 4 forward gears giving it a top speed of 62Km/hr It has a British 105mm L7A3 gun it also carries two 7.62mm machine guns with various mounting positions.

The leopard carries a crew of four people with a top weight of 42,000kg. It is 9.54m long and 3.37m wide. The leopard carries 59 rounds 17 in the turret and 42 in the hull. It also carries 950l of fuel with a range of 500km

So if you are heading north, take 10 minutes out of your cheap campervan hire holiday and stop at Two Wells. Check out a piece of Australian history and the lovely preserved war memorial of the fallen solders of Port Gawler.