Isn’t it nice to just get cheap campervan hire and give in to your wanderlust? With so many things to see and places to visit around the country, it is indeed tempting to leave everything behind and go on a great road trip. Well, this is exactly what a young Australian couple did and they didn’t regret any single thing.

Some 18 months ago, primary school teacher Caz Makepeace and her construction worker husband Craig decided to go on a great outdoor adventure after finding themselves overcome by wanderlust. But instead of just settling for a one-week holiday, they dropped everything off (including their jobs), bought a camper, and took their two young daughters on a 50,000-kilometre road trip around the country.


To pay for their travel expenses, Caz and Craig started writing about their adventures. After providing advice to budding travelers, they decided to launch Y Travel, a travel blog which is reportedly bringing in a “six figure” annual salary for the couple.

With their experiences, the couple proved that you don’t need a huge savings account or to accumulate a huge credit card debt just to enjoy the perks of travelling and seeing the world. “Families just need to get smart with how they spend their money. Focus on what your priorities are and work out what is really important,” Caz said.

For those who want to see Australia and travel in campervans, the couple offers some practical tips on how to enjoy your holiday without blowing off your entire life savings. First, if you want to go on an extended holiday, you must plan your trip carefully. Caz said planning is really important, especially if you are trying to tackle a big trip.

When it comes to visiting a popular tourist destination, you might want to consider travelling during off-peak periods. Caz said it can save you a small fortune as there are places that offer “far cheaper deals.” What’s more, tourist spots are usually less crowded during off-peak periods, giving you lots of opportunity to enjoy the place and have it all to yourself.

Accommodation can become expensive if you are travelling with your whole family. To overcome this hurdle, Caz suggests roughing it out. You can save a lot if you’re going to trade a hotel bed for sleeping bags and a camp fire. Or if you want, you can sleep inside your campervan. According to Caz, she and her family were able to save a lot during their travels by camping.

With Australia being one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is indeed a great idea to travel around and explore its every nook and cranny. And to avoid huge travel expenses, consider following the Makepeaces’ example. Rent campervans in Australia and enjoy a great road trip.