Cheap Campervan Hire: 5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Summer Road Trip

Now that summer is fast approaching, more and more people are signing up for cheap campervan hire services. After all, summer is the best time to have a great adventure and to see the numerous adventure spots Australia has to offer. But before you hit the road and go on your trip, here are few things you must remember.

No 1: Taking a long road trip with campervan hire Adelaide services? Before you do, make sure you have had plenty of sleep the night before, especially if you’re the one who’s going to drive. Sure, drinking copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks will perk you up and keep you wide awake. But once the effects of caffeine wears off, it is very likely that you’ll feel sleepy again. To avoid nodding off while manning the wheel and putting everyone’s safety at risk, make sure you get plenty of sleep before your trip.

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No 2: Pull over frequently and if there’s someone other than you who knows how to drive, you should share driving responsibilities. According to cheap campervan hire experts, pulling over frequently lets you stretch your legs and get some fresh air, which helps keep you more alert while driving. And if there’s someone to share driving responsibilities with you, you can take a nap when you’re feeling tired.

No 3: You must never drink alcohol (not even a single drop!) if you have been assigned driving duties. Not only is it against the law, it can also put your safety at risk. While you might not feel intoxicated after one drink, the drink’s alcohol and sugar content will still make you sleepy. So if you want to return the campervan you have rented to the campervan hire Adelaide company in one piece, be a responsible driver. Don’t drink and drive.

No 4: Australia is known to have extremely high temperatures during the summer months. As such, always keep yourself hydrated. When you go on a cheap campervan hire holiday, pack a cooler containing water and sports drink. Also, don’t stay out in the sun for too long and always wear a sunscreen.

No 5: Save on time and petrol by familiarising yourself with your destination early on. Do some research on the place you want to visit beforehand. Also, even if the cheap campervan hire company has already equipped the rental vehicle with a GPS navigation system, be sure to bring a map to minimise your risk of getting lost and driving around in circles.