Cheap Campervan Hire: Kangaroo-Devouring Snake Shows Up at Dinner Party

If you’re going to get cheap campervan hire services in Adelaide andgo on a camping trip in the Northern Territory, be wary of the local wildlife. Just recently, a family in Katherine got the shock of their lives when a “reptilian guest” showed up at their dinner party unannounced. Pravina de Beer was hosting the gathering at her home, which is located about 320 kilometres southeast of Darwin, when her arriving guests announced that “there was a big python trying to eat a kangaroo outside.”

De Beer’s family and friends, including her 25 guests, immediately went outside to take a look at what was happening. And to their astonishment, they saw a two-metre-long python devouring its prey. The guests identified the poor victim as a kangaroo but a picture taken by one of de Beer’s visitors revealed that the animal actually resembled a wallaby. According to de Beer, it took the snake less than four hours to completely swallow its prey. The incident is indeed something patrons of campervan hire Adelaide services and people living in big cities don’t see every day.

But while such an incident is uncommon in big cities like Adelaide, de Beer revealed that the locals are somewhat familiar with such an occurrence and she herself is no stranger to hungry snakes. Just last year, a baby goat that had belonged to her was eaten by a snake. So for those who are thinking of getting cheap campervan hire services and visiting the Northern Territory, make sure you exercise extreme caution when visiting bushlands and very remote places.

When signing up for campervan hire Adelaide services and visiting places that you aren’t familiar with, always be aware of your surroundings. This is to ensure your safety and prevent potential injuries or accidents. Being aware of your surroundings can also prevent you from disturbing the local animals in their natural habitat.

Also, take the time to do some research on the place that you’re planning to visit. Equipping yourself with proper knowledge can really make a huge difference between an enjoyable trip and a boring holiday. So after getting campervan rentals Adelaide from your favourite cheap campervan hire company, log on to the internet to obtain interesting facts and info about the places you want to explore.

And finally, don’t let such unusual news discourage you from visiting the Northern Territory. As you may know, there are many places to see and things to do in NT that you cannot easily experience in other parts of the country. So if you’re looking for a great adventure, you should get cheap campervan hire services and travel to the Northern Territory.