5 Essential Items to Bring When Camping with Your Campervan Hire Adelaide

A campervan hire Adelaide is a great way to spend a fun and unique holiday with your family. Being able to have an outdoor experience is a great and refreshing outlet to clear one’s mind. Go on a camping trip with your kids or friends in Australia’s vast and untouched lands. It will be an incredible journey that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your life. Now that you think that you are up for it, here are some camping essentials you will need for you to have a comfortable experience.

Item No 1: Headlamp. You might think that carrying this around will make you look like a dork, but once you give it try, you will never go back. These are extremely useful devices that could help you out whether you need a quick light in your tent, if you get stuck on your trail after sunset, or if you need to make a late night bathroom trip. The outdoors normally doesn’t have electricity, so it is best to bring a headlamp that does not need to be plugged into a socket.

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Item No 2: Water. Having a single water bottle you can fill up is not sufficient for more than a night. You cannot assume that the water you find at your campground is safe, unless it is officially declared by the campsite. Try to bring a few gallon jugs from the market before you camp out.

Item No 3: Extra sleeping bags. It is vital for you to bring in extra sleeping bags just in case the campervan does not fit you and your companions. Try to bring sleeping bags that are appropriate for the climate of the camping spot. You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night being way too hot or cold. Getting comfortable in your sleeping bag will definitely make you feel more at home.

Item No 4: Large trash bags. It is important to dispose all of your junk in a proper place to avoid insect infestations. Bring a few heavy-duty trash bags so that you could keep everything clean and tidy. You are not only keeping you and your companion safe, you are also helping out the environment.

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Item No 5: Bug spray. You should definitely have a bottle of bug spray on hand for you and your companions to be comfortable. This will help you be bite-free as possible. Just make sure to get a brand that is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Yes, having a cheap campervan hire will provide you with some of the basic necessities presented here, but it is always better to be prepared than sorry.