For most Australians, users of campervans included, the Melbourne Cup is still that one race that stops the nation. Despite the unfortunate events that happened towards the end of one of the country’s biggest sporting events, many people still enjoyed themselves at the race. With the first Tuesday of November being a public holiday in Melbourne and the infectious holiday mood spreading to other capital cities, Melbourne Cup definitely gives everyone a huge reason to party.

But if you’re going to ask financial and business analysts, they will tell you that the Melbourne Cup is more than just a premier racing event. According to them, the event pumps millions of dollars both to the local and national economy. Industry Super Australia senior economist Matt Saunders explained that although it affects productivity because workers are expected to take days off, go on a cheap campervan hire holiday, or organise parties to celebrate the event, it is still good for overall business productivity.


Innes Willox, CEO of the Australian Industry Group, shares Saunders’ sentiment. “It has an obvious cost and productivity impact on workplaces because of the loss of production. But most would probably view the race day as a positive at work for staff morale,” he said. According to studies, the race is indeed good for employee morale because those who have taken the day (or days) off to enjoy the race, rent campervans and visit Melbourne, or simply hold parties went back to work with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

Employees are not the only ones the Melbourne Cup is helping every year. As mentioned earlier, the event also injects billions of dollars to both the local and national economies. It helps boost tourism in the state of Victoria, provides customers for those in the tourism industry, like companies that offer cheap campervan hire services, and encourages spending among other things.

So regardless of whether you are a fan of the Melbourne Cup or not, you mustn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy yourself when race season comes again next year. Rent campervans and visit Flemington if you want to be at the heart of action. If watching thoroughbred horses race or betting on them is not your cup of tea, then you should take the time to visit other tourist attractions in Melbourne and its neighbouring areas.

Take in the festive mood of the city and watch people in gorgeous dresses and ensembles have fun. Renting campervans and visiting Melbourne during the Melbourne Cup is definitely an experience you should try at least once in your life.