Campervans: 5 Things to Consider for your Great Adelaide Getaway

Adelaide is best known for its food and wine, its long beachfronts and magnificent churches. If you’re planning to visit this famous city, you should sign up for cheap campervan hire services. There are a lot of outdoor activities to be enoyed in Adelaide and one can enjoy it best when you sign up for campervan hire services.

1. Adelaide is Australia’s wine capital and boasts of year-long events and food and wine festivals. Make sure to check their local calendar for these events. It’s best to book in advance for day tours in the various famous wineries in Adelaide. Staying in the city with the high season hotel prices can put a dent in your budget so its best to go with campervans. Not only are they affordable and practical, they give you the flexibility for the many outdoor adventures planned for the entire trip with added comfort.


2. Adelaide is also well-known for its beaches. Adelaide’s beaches stretch from North Haven to Sellicks Beach in the south. Most beaches are less than 30 minutes from the city. Adelaide’s warm climate means you can enjoy them practically all year round. To make you get the most of all the different water activities, it’s best to pack your Snorkel, surfboaard, and other equipment.

3.  If you’re not a beach-lover (who isn’t?), you can opt to visit the many renowned churches in Adelaide or soak up some culture in the city’s numerous museums and galleries. A walk in the city should be up the top of your itineraries. You can stroll along Gouger street or visit the Art Gallery of South Australia. Make sure to get a map or other navigation devices to make your trip more convenient.You can check with your preferred campervan hire company if the vehicle you’ll rent will include a GPS navigation system.

4. Don’t forget to shop! One cannot leave Adelaide without exploring the delights of Jetty Road, which serves as the main dining and shopping district in the city. One can also visit the Rundle Mall or the Central Market for gifts and souvenirs. A day can be spent shopping for food, garden trinkets, jewellery and other knick knacks. It’s best to consider looking for a cheap campervan hire company that provides space big enough to hold your new treasure trove.

5. Learn about its history. Adelaide boasts of a rich history that one can find in various museums. To learn more about the Aboriginal culture, one can visit the South Australian Museum and the Adelaide Botanic Gardens to get a glimpse of the lives and customs of the Australian Aboriginal people.

After every exhausting day full of fun and adventure, it’s a good thing you have campervans to help you travel in comfort and style and make your trip more exciting.