Bushfires Wreak Havoc in South-Eastern Australia

Take extreme caution when driving your campervans across New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Exhausted fire crews are close to reaching their limit as massive bushfires rage on across the said areas. Recent reports have revealed that at least 30 properties have been destroyed and livestock has been lost. Hundreds of thousands of hectares have been burnt out after a dreadful combination of dry lightning and six days of scorching temperatures left nearly 100 fires burning on Saturday night.

Today, however, situations are easing up for the fire fighters, who have been working non-stop to put out the bushfires. Fire crews are reportedly gaining the upper hand. Riverina RFS Superintendent Roger Orr in NSW said two sky cranes and several planes have been deployed to help the fire fighters on the ground. So for local residents and tourists who have obtained campervan hire services to visit the area, this is perhaps one of the best news they’ve heard over the last couple of days.

As the southern part of the country experiences probably the driest temperatures and the worst heat wave of the last five years, bushfires can strike anywhere and anytime. As such, if you’re going on a road trip or camping trip in the affected areas, it’s best to take precautionary measures. This will ensure that you won’t drive your campervans into a raging inferno.

For starters, you should coordinate with your provider of campervan hire services. Be in constant communication with them, especially if you’re already on the road. Their assistance can be quite handy and useful, especially during emergency situations. They can also provide you with the information you need to make your trip a safer and more enjoyable experience.

In this season of bushfires, you should keep yourself glued to news reports. Listen to the radio in your campervans or if you have a portable television, get the latest news updates on the situation so you’ll know which areas are safe and which of them are off limits. And if the authorities said that it isn’t safe to go to a particular area, don’t push your luck. It’s best to listen to them so you won’t get into a tricky situation. Always make safety your priority.

Know who to contact in case of emergencies aside from the company that provided you the campervans. Also, always keep the communication lines open so you can be reached easily. By taking all these necessary precautionary measures, you can keep everyone out of danger. You can get to live another day and experience another great outdoor adventure.