Need a little break from the hustle and bustle of a city then it might be worth getting a  Campervans and heading to a Mannum a beautiful little spot on the Murray River, Mannum is located 84Km from Adelaide so it will take you 1hr to drive your Viva Campervan there. Mannum was settled in 1840 and has a step history with the paddle boats and many old Steam driven paddle steamers like the Mary Ann, Marion and the Murray River Queen stop at Mannum on their journey up and down the Murray River.

Mannum is part of the Aboriginal Ngayawung Community and they were very keen fisher folk and you can still drop a line in the river and catch a fish for tea. You don’t need a permit or license to fish in South Australia. You can also catch a nice serve of Jabbies if you have a net and some meat. You can hire both fishing rods and nets of Viva Campers if you would like to give it a go.

So when you get to Mannum they have a very nice caravan park located next the two ferries that carry vehicles like your Campervans across the river free of charge, just remember long weekends the line up can be quite long. The trip takes about 2min. There is two spots across the river where you can camp for free there is no power but has toilet facilities, my preference is to turn right when you drive your Viva Camper of the ferry and head down the dirt road about 200m where you will find a nice park next to the river. The other is just left of the ferry about 100m along the main road. But free parking is great you can set up your Viva camper and just walk back into the historic town and grab a feed at any one of the 3 hotels located in the main street. The Pretoria Hotel has a fantastic beer garden a awesome view and great meals, I recommend starting there. There are lots of places along the Murray River where you can pull up in your Viva Campervan and just sit back and watch the world go by. The Murray River is a popular spot for all types of water sport like skiing, Jet ski, fishing and just good family fun and its even good in winter as you can build your own little bon fire and sit around with friend and relax.

So grab a Viva Campervan and go see South Australia its waiting for you!