Great Game Between Adelaide Strikers and Perth Scorchers

Well last night was a great game between the Adelaide Strikers and Perth Scorchers with Perth out bowling the Strikers giving them a convincing win by 18 runs. A sad night for Adelaide Strikers stopping there 5 straight wins for the year, but no excuse not to go to the new Adelaide oval and enjoy a fantastic night of cricket.

With tickets so cheap it is a great way to take the family out for the night and enjoy the big bash which is an exciting game to watch. The new Adelaide Oval is a fantastic venue but you would expect that at a cost of $575 Million making its capacity over 50,000 people it’s the loudest venue in Australia and the most exciting place to watch sport. Even last night the venue was only about 3 quarters full but the noise and felling from the crowd was amassing.  With no large line ups to get food and drinks it is truly a well designed building and something that South Australians should be proud of. I’m sure that the SA government, the cricket and football associations are now glad that they put so much work into coming to common ground to end up with a fantastic outcome for all.


There is heaps of parking in the city but it’s a lot easier to park a little out and grab the tram or the train in to the city and hop off in front of the train station and a quick walk over the new foot bridge and you will be on the other side of the Torrens and in to Adelaide oval in about 10 min. There was a lot of people last night that where working in the city and left work and headed straight to the oval with many grabbing a bite to eat at the many shops that stay open to grab a bit of the massive foot traffic that wonder through the city streets to get to Adelaide oval. We walked from our house in the city and stopped at the Duke of York in Currie Street and grabbed a pizza and a cold beer which was very nice considering the heat, a little cheaper than in the venue and a great place to sit in their beer garden, smack bang in the middle of the city. I have noticed a lot of people are now planning where to eat before a big day/night out at Adelaide Oval and the traders are quick to learn and take measures to accommodate the crowds before and after and event.

So don’t sit at home watching the next big game at Adelaide oval come into the city with your family and friends and experience a fantastic venue.