Campervan Rental Service Getters Should be Careful as Search for Missing German Tourist Enters 3rd Day

Signing up for campervan rental services is one of the best ways to spend your holiday. However, it is always important to make safety your priority when going on a road trip or a backpacking adventure. Why, you ask? Just recently, police in central New South Wales have stepped up their efforts to find a tourist who went missing around Lake Canobolas, near Orange.

Reports revealed that 19-year-old Arvid Stenzel, who hails from Germany, was last seen leaving a campsite on Sunday morning for a walk. Just an hour later, however, Stenzel called the cottage’s caretaker, saying that he couldn’t find his way back. He was given directions to the campsite but the lad didn’t show up. His friends reported the incident when Stenzel failed to reach the campsite by Sunday afternoon. He has been missing since. Regardless of whether you sign up for expensive or cheap campervan hire services, this incident is something you definitely don’t want to experience.

The police have intensified their efforts to find the missing teenager by sending divers, a dog unit, and an aircraft to the lake area. Rescuers said they are determined to find Stenzel and they are looking for him both on land and around the lake. Observers said the police are probably going to question those who might have seen the German tourist since there were also other people camping in the area, including those who obtained campervan rental services.

For campers and holiday-goers, there’s a simple yet very important lesson to be learned in this terrible news. As mentioned earlier, it is very important that you make safety your priority, even if you’re on a holiday trip. Disasters can strike anywhere and judging from Stenzel’s case, a harmless walk in the woods can turn into something disastrous. So after you sign up for cheap campervan hire services, always make sure that you are prepared for any emergency situation.

For instance, when camping in the woods, always make sure that you have a communication device with you. So in case you’re lost, you can contact your friends, the campsite caretaker, or even the campervan rental company. And more importantly, you shouldn’t venture into the woods alone at two in the morning, which was something Stenzel did, according to the police.

Accidents can indeed ruin your vacation. What’s more, it can put your lives at risk and cause your friends and loved ones to worry. So no matter what you are doing, whether you’re just about to sign up for campervan rental services or you’re already enjoying your vacation, always be safe to avoid tricky situations.