Tips for Foreign Visitors Who Want Travel in a Campervan in Australia

Renting a campervan in Australia is one of the best ways to see and experience all the best things the Land Down Under has to offer. Over the past years, more and more foreign visitors and backpackers are flying over to the country to have the ultimate road trip. Well, this isn’t really surprising. With Australia’s major cities and popular tourist spots being connected by kilometres of roads, having a “campervan holiday” is indeed a great and inexpensive way for foreigners to experience and enjoy the country’s unique hospitality, exciting adventure spots, gorgeous landscapes, and delectable cuisine.

If you’re going to fly over to Australia and get cheap campervan hire services, make sure that you are aware of several things so you can enjoy your stay. First, you must contact a good rental company and book the vehicle you’ll need for your trip in advance. Going online is the fastest and most convenient way to obtain the services you’ll require so use the power of the Internet to find a reliable rental company in Australia that can lend you a campervan for your holiday.

Knowing a couple of things about the country’s traffic rules and regulations can also help. Know the speed limits and other important traffic rules in the places you want to visit. Also, take note that in Australia, people drive on the left side of the road. If you’re from the US or any other country wherein drivers drive on the right of the road, it’s best that you practise and take the campervan Australia for a test drive first before you head out.

Plan what you want to see in the country, preferably before you get cheap campervan hire services. Australia is a huge country, with varying climate and road conditions. Unlike in Europe, where you can drive a few hours and end up in a different country, you can drive for days between cities in Australia. In certain areas of the Outback, for instance, you can drive for dozens of kilometres without seeing anything—no petrol stations, no food stores, and no services.

Therefore, it will be wise to plan your itinerary beforehand so you won’t get lost. It is also advisable that you give yourself more time than you expect you will need. This way, you can fully maximise your campervan Australia holiday and you won’t be in a hurry to move from one place to another.

When camping at night, make sure you do it at caravan parks or campgrounds. Camping is prohibited within city limits or at the side of the road. If you do, you are very likely to get a wake-up call, or worse, a ticket from police officers. Therefore, before your visit, you should find areas where you can stay so you will be more comfortable and get quality sleep after driving your campervan Australia all day.