Campervan Hire Pick Up tips

When picking up your campervan hire, there are a lot of things to consider. Little things can make you campervan adveture so much more enjoyable. Here a just a few tips to get you started.

Pay attention to what staff are telling you about your campervan.

Some Campervan Hire hire companies use booked agency. Check that your campervan matched the campervan you hired.

Even if you have hired a campervan before, read your contract. Not all campervan hire companies terms and conditions are the same. Hiring a Campervan is not the same as hiring a car

Not all campervan hire companies have the same insurance or bond. Make sure you know what you are liable for if something should go wrong.

Most Hire companies terms and conditions are online. It is a good idea to read them before picking up your campervan. This will help you know what questions to ask. You can also get a copy on pick up.

A staff member from the Campervan Hire Company should show you through the campervan. Ask questions if something is unclear. This could save you from making a costly mistake.

Make sure you know what number to contact if you have a problem with your campervan. Does the campervan hire company answered 24hrs.

It is important a staff member from the campervan hire company shows you how to check the water and oil. If they do not make sure you ask. Damage caused to your campervan motor due to neglect is more than likely not covered under your insurance.

Check your campervan hire damage report. It is recommended taking pictures of the campervan before leaving the hire companies yard. This could help if any damage is missed when returning your campervan.

A lot of campervan companies will take the bond off your credit card. Make sure you ask.

Get a copy of all documents related to your campervan hire.

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