Enjoying the Great Ocean Road with Viva Campers, Campervan Hire Melbourne

If you want to do something different this year, why don’t you consider signing up for campervan hire Melbourne services and exploring the spectacular sights of the Great Ocean Road? Most people travel via the Great Ocean Road to see the Twelve Apostles but there are many places to see and things to do in between the cities of Melbourne and Adelaide. So if you’re in for a little adventure, you should take at least four to five days off, rent a campervan from Viva Campers, and start this wonderful journey.

With Melbourne as your starting point, the first place you’ll come across to is Geelong. Geelong is the second most populated area in the state of Victoria and the state’s largest non-capital city. So what are the things you can do in the city after signing up for campervan rentals Melbourne from Viva Campers? Well, Geelong is a great place to grab lunch. If you have been driving for a while, you must be feeling a bit hungry and with its numerous dining options, Geelong is the perfect place to fill your tummy before continuing on your journey.

After eating out, you can walk along Geelong’s waterfront and enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean. Or if you want, you can stay for a while so you can visit local vineyards or go for a swim. Well, you only have five days to make the most of your campervan hire Melbourne services and reach Adelaide so it’s best to go on your merry way and continue onto Torquay, where the stunning Great Ocean Road actually beings.

Torquay is the gateway to Victoria’s Surf Coast so if you want to ride the waves, you can go to the popular Jan Juc or the iconic Bells Beach. Don’t have a surf board? Don’t worry, aside from providing you with reliable campervan rentals Melbourne, Viva Campers can also provide you with surf boards, snorkelling gear, and other equipment that let you enjoy your Great Ocean Road trip. Meanwhile, the waves continue at Point Addis in Anglesea, Fairhaven, and Eastern View so you’ll be sure to enjoy this little side trip if you love surfing.

As the first day of your five-day trip winds down, you’ll find yourself in the seaside town of Lorne, your final stop for the day. However, don’t rest yet because there are still many things to do and see in this holiday haven. You can swim from the golden beach of Loutit Bay or in numerous waterfalls, such as the Erskine Falls, in the Otway National Park. There are also many galleries, boutiques, and restaurants along Lorne’s main street so make sure you take extra cash and a big appetite with you after obtaining campervan hire Melbourne services from Viva Campers.

After you have thoroughly enjoyed yourself, you can stay in your campervan and recharge. There are many camping sites, as well as B&Bs and luxury accommodations in Lorne. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the second part of this series, where Viva Campers, your reliable source of campervan hire Melbourne services, discusses Day 2 of this Great Ocean Road trip.