Campervan Hire: WA Wildlife Officials Capture Huge Croc Terrorising Campers

Campervan hire users visiting a popular fishing and camping spot between Broome and Derby in Western Australia can now breathe a sigh of relief after local wildlife authorities captured a huge crocodile reported to be scaring campers off. Reports said it took seven people to capture the crocodile before being relocated to a wildlife sanctuary.


According to Western Australia’s Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW), the male estuarine crocodile, which measures 3.7 metres from its head to the tip of its tail, lived in a location known as Telegraph Pool on the Fitzroy River, which is located about 150 kilometres north of Broome. Peter Carstairs, wildlife officer at DPaW’s West Kimberley district office, said the croc has been seen approaching the southern bank several times. It has also shown signs of aggression towards people fishing and camping in the area.

Following reports from concerned citizens and users of campervans, the DPaW and the Kimberley Land Council Nyikina Mangala Rangers organised an operation to trap the reptile. According to Ranger Cyril Watson, catching the large crocodile was really a challenging experience. “He was really big, it took seven of us to capture him,” he said. “We put a rope around his top jaw and then pulled him out of the cage towards us. We then covered his head and lifted his back legs. He was pretty heavy.”

While Mr Watson admitted that catching the reptile was somewhat exciting, he said it is important for them to relocate the crocodile to ensure public safety. He added many crocodiles generally reside at Telegraph Pool and its surrounding areas. However, Mr Watson said they have no plans to relocate all of them unless they are showing signs of aggression towards visitors or are deemed to be problematic.

As for the croc that has been scaring people camping at Telegraph Pool, it was taken to the Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park. The reptile will become a permanent resident of the crocodile sanctuary and will eventually be introduced to a female.

Meanwhile, if you have plans to sign up for cheap campervan hire services and visit areas known to be frequented by potentially dangerous animals, make sure that you exercise extreme caution to ensure your safety. Once you are there, you should never engage the animals or venture into their territory. You should never bother them. Otherwise, they could attack you and instead of having a great time enjoying the great outdoors, you might end up spending a day or two at the hospital.