Campervan Hire Fans Set to Enjoy New Camping Music Festival

Australia’s gorgeous sceneries and natural landscapes are not the only top reasons to get campervan hire services. Music festivals are also one of the things that get many Australians excited to travel across the country and camp out. And just recently, Aussie music festival lovers were stirred into an excitement frenzy as it has been announced that the people behind The Gumball and PigSty In July festivals will launch a new music festival with a “camping twist.”

campervan hire- Music festivals

Aussie music and camping lovers welcomed Dashville Skyline, the newest member of the country’s music festival circuit. The inaugural festival is a two-day even dedicated to celebrating everything about Americana music and culture. It will be held on the 3rd and 4th of October 2015 in Dashville, Lower Belford in New South Wales.

So why should rent campervans and travel all the way to New South Wales (in case you’re not from NSW) to see this festival? Well, if you’re an avid fan of country and folk music, this event is something that you will enjoy. According to organisers, the festival will feature some of Australia’s best local performers in the genre that encompasses stylings of alt-country, psychedelia, folk, and soul. International Americana artists are also expected to perform at the festival. Tickets for the festival will be available starting on May 1st.

Dashville Skyline organiser Magpie Johnston is very excited for the event. “A lot of people were disappointed that The Gum Ball took a break in 2015, but it made it possible for us to put together this great new event, which celebrates the evolving scene for Americana music, food and culture in Australia, which we at Dashville really enjoy,” Johnston said.

If you’re a fan of camping and Americana music, this is your opportunity to have an experience of a lifetime. So make sure you get your tickets when it goes on sale so you won’t miss it. Also, don’t forget to book cheap campervan hire services from your favourite rental company. This way, you can travel in style and comfort and have a nice bed to sleep on when you go to enjoy yourself at Dashville Skyline.

And for a more fun-filled festival experience, you should take some of your friends along with you. After all, it can be quite boring if you’re the only one to go. Don’t worry because you can surely find a campervan that will fit and can accommodate all of your travelling buddies.