Experience the Northern Territory with Campervan Hire Darwin Services

If you’re going on a holiday trip to the Northern Territory, don’t forget to book campervan hire Darwin services. Renting your own campervan and driving your way to various nature and adventure spots in the state is one of the best ways to enjoy the best things Northern Territory has to offer. So if you’re in town, make sure you rent a campervan for a great outdoor adventure.

For many people, the north represents the real Australia. With its red sands, unique landscape formations, and its proximity to Asia, the Northern Territory is indeed a sight to behold. After signing up for campervan rentals Darwin, one of the places to visit is, of course, Uluru (Ayers Rock). Nothing is as easily identifiable as this majestic rock formation. No matter how many times you’ve seen it on postcards, you will definitely be awed and surprised when you see the real thing. So visit the place, camp up, and wait for the best time to gaze at Uluru. Many people who have visited the place recommend seeing Uluru in the afternoon, when it changes colour as the sun sets.

If you haven’t had your fill of rock formations, then travel 35 kilometres west of Uluru. There, you’ll see the Olgas or Kata Tjuta. More than 30 rocks sit side by side to form deep valleys and steep-side gorges at the site. Be warned, however, that climbing the domed rocks is not advisable since they have tjukurpa significance. To avoid committing other faux pas, it’s best that you follow rules and ask the campervan hire Darwin company for guidance or advice.

Kakadu National Park is another great place to visit as it highlights the landscape, wildlife, and cultural heritage of the Northern Territory. Many people who sign up for campervan rentals Darwin services visit the place because it is more than just a nature reserve. Aside from the park’s spectacular wetlands, it is also home to various rock art and historically significant sites.

Litchfield National Park, on the other hand, is renowned for bushwalking and camping so you should pack up your bags and visit the area after obtaining campervan hire Darwin services. The park is also popular as a swimming spot due to its breathtaking waterfalls that plunge into gorgeous and safe swimming holes.

There are many places to see and explore in the Northern Territory. The sites discussed below are just the tip of the iceberg. So if you want to experience “real” Australia at your own pace, don’t forget to obtain the services of a reliable campervan hire Darwin company.