Campervan Hire: 5 Charming Australian Towns You Should Check Out

When getting campervan hire services, most people opt for more popular or bigger tourist spots in Australia. What they don’t realise is that the country is littered with quaint, charming towns that will delight seasoned and first-time travellers alike. If you’re planning a road trip with your friends or family, here are some great tourist towns you should consider visiting.

Yamba, NSW. The largest estuarine system in the east coast, the Northern Rivers Delta, and excellent surf beaches—these are just some of the reasons why tourists in campervans Australia flock to Yamba every year. Priding itself on providing a wholesome, safe, and peaceful getaway, this NSW town is a great destination for mums and dads and their little kids, as well. Although Yamba is not known for having a great nightlife, this town makes up for having some of the best eateries in the country and offering diverse outdoor activities.

Esperance, WA. Dubbed by as “insanely beautiful,” this WA town can definitely bring out your inner poet or artist. Esperance is fairly remote but those who will take the time and effort to visit this charming town will be dazzled by its aquamarine water that fades into deep blue and its fine, white sand. If you want to visit the place that is touted by many as the most beautiful coastline in Australia, you should rent a campervan from a campervan hire company and drive yourself to Esperance.

Port Douglas, QLD. If you’re travelling with your friends, then Port Douglas in Queensland should be one of the places you should visit. Restaurants, bars, and nightlife establishments for the young at heart dot the local landscape. There are also places to visit and activities to enjoy for fans of the great outdoors. If you want to rent campervans Australia and visit Port Douglas, experts recommend scheduling a trip during the months of April to October.

Port Fairy, VIC. Considered the oldest port in Victoria, Port Fairy is a must-visit for the history buff. See the town’s more than 50 historic buildings, from whalers’ cottages and colonial homes to greatly preserved public buildings. The town is also known for its charming cafes and numerous dining options that offer various gastronomic delights. If you’re a fan of food and history, signing up for campervan hire services and visiting this town is highly encouraged.

Alice Springs, NT. Surrounded by the desert, Alice Springs is a sight to behold. The desert lifestyle of the locals, aboriginal communities, and multicultural society are among the things that make this town charming and worth seeking out. If you want to see indigenous art galleries or have a drink at the iconic Bojangles, book campervan hire services and explore the geographical heart of Australia.