4 Must-Visit Places in Queensland

Signing up for campervan hire Brisbane services is one of the best ways to explore Queensland at your own pace. After all, renting a campervan is very suited for those who aren’t too fond of organised tours and for those who’d rather see and go where their feet take them. But if you’re at a lost on what you should do after renting a vehicle for your upcoming road trip, here are some nifty suggestions on the places you should see in Queensland.

Located about seven kilometres of central Brisbane, Mt Coot-tha Reserve is a 220-hectare bush reserve that is filled with wildlife. It offers a spectacular view of the city at day time. And at night, it will cover you in a blanket of twinkling stars that stretches on for miles. Because of its location, Mt Coot-tha Reserve is perhaps the closest park and nature reserve that you can drive to after signing up for campervan rentals Brisbane services.

On the other hand, if you’re up for a long drive, then perhaps you might want to check out Boodjamulla National Park. The park is located about 100km west of Gregory Downs and the relatively long drive is really worth it because the place lies in a prehistoric oasis of gorges, ancient rainforest, crystal-clear green waters, creeks, and tropical vegetation that was said to be home to native Australians for 30,000 years. You can also see remains of their paintings and camp sites everywhere. So if want to go to a gorgeous-looking and historically significant place then you should get campervan hire Brisbane services and visit Boodjamulla National Park.

Of course, a Queensland road trip won’t be complete without a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. If you want to swim with the fishes and see the region’s colourful marine life, then you should book campervan rentals Brisbane services and drive to the area immediately.

Don’t have snorkelling or diving gear? Don’t fret. More often than not, campervan hire Brisbane companies can provide you with the equipment you need so you can fully enjoy your trip to the Great Barrier Reef. By renting the necessary equipment, you don’t have to worry about spending a huge amount of money on stuff you’ll only use once.

Next stop is Mt Isa. Some people are intimidated by the plus 1,200-km trek to Mt Isa but if you’re going to ask coastal Queenslanders, they will tell you that the challenge is definitely worth your while. Ancient history comes alive at the Australian tourism award-winning Outback at Isa and there, you’ll see the mining heritage of the place. Of course, the place also showcases the natural and indigenous wonders of Mt Isa. As such, after signing up for campervan hire Brisbane services, make sure you give a trek to Mt Isa a shot.