Campervan Hire: Local Residents Say Backpackers Make Sydney Suburb a More Peaceful Place

Over the last few months, backpackers have earned the ire of local residents in certain parts of New South Wales. Many residents were angry that these people, most of which have come from foreign countries and are using campervan hire services to travel around Australia, are “invading and over running streets and car parks and messing up local parks.” In contrast, however, residents of a Sydney suburb have a more positive view of travelling backpackers.

Residents of Tempe, a suburb in the inner west of Sydney, believe that the backpackers are a welcome addition to their community. According to them, these people help scare away “hooligans” from the suburb’s car parks.

A truck driver named Henry (full name withheld), who uses the car park at Holbeach Avenue in Tempe for his daily breaks, has observed the movements of backpackers for the past year. He said they are clean and they don’t cause any damage to the community. In fact, these people who travel on campervans have made the area more peaceful.

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“They’re harmless and at the moment there is still plenty of room for people to park. Since they’ve been here, the hooligans have gone as they can’t come in (to the car park) and do burn outs and the beer bottles have gone,” Henry was quoted as saying.

He added that the area have also become much cleaner. Before, Henry used to see food scraps littering the car park. But ever since the backpackers “moved in,” the place has become much tidier. He said he often saw them picking up other people’s rubbish.

Meanwhile, as compared to other suburbs in Sydney, the Marrickville Council, which owns the car park, said it had received only one complaint about the backpackers in the car park. According to a spokeswoman for the council, they have yet to decide whether to implement measures against those who overstay in such public places.

“Council is monitoring the situation to see if timed parking or enforcement measures are required,” she said.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to go on a road trip and get campervan hire services, always be mindful of your surroundings. Although there is nothing wrong with staying at free campsites and car parks, it is always important to ensure that you won’t do anything that will annoy the local residents. Make sure you don’t leave your trash behind and more importantly, you should always be respectful of local laws and regulations.