Campervan Hire Adelaide: 3 Must-See Holiday Spots Just Outside of Adelaide

Adelaide is a fun city to visit, which is why many people are signing up for campervan hire Adelaide services and touring the South Australian capital. But did you know that there are several tourist attractions just outside of Adelaide that are a must-visit, too? Well, if you want to venture outside the city and see the surrounding sceneries and tourist attractions, here are some of the places you should consider visiting.

First stop, Kangaroo Island. To get to Kangaroo Island, you must ride a ferry at Cape Jarvis, which is a two-hour drive on campervans Australia from Adelaide. Once you get there, you’ll definitely think that the long drive is worth it. The island is one of South Australia’s most popular holiday spots and every year, thousands of people, including foreign tourists, visit the island. After all, it is a great place to see Australian animals in their natural habitat.

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But despite its name, the island isn’t known for kangaroos. Rather, tourists flock to Kangaroo Island because of its sea lion population. You can watch these creatures as they bask under the sun along the aptly named Seal Bay. If watching sea lions isn’t your thing, there are still reasons for you to get campervan hire Adelaide services and visit the place. The island is home to various species of birds and there are some spectacular geological formations on the island that are a must-see.

Victor Harbour is another place you must visit after renting campervans Australia. Just located 80 kilometres south of Adelaide, the harbour is a great place for camping, swimming, and snorkelling. Victor Harbour also has many cafes if you’re looking to sample various culinary delights.

But one of the things that make Victor Harbour a nice place to go on a holiday is that you can get to see Southern Right Whales up close. From June to September, these gentle giants come to Victor Harbour to mate. This gives you the perfect opportunity to see them closely. So if you’re interested in seeing the Southern Right Whales, then you should definitely enlist the services of a campervan hire Adelaide company and drive yourself to Victor Harbour.

If you like to visit a more peaceful place, then get campervan hire Adelaide services and head over to Goolwa. Unlike Victor Harbour and Kangaroo Island, Goolwa is pretty quiet. However, being next to the mouth of Murray River, the town has great views of the river and it features classical architecture that would delight everyone. It also has a nice little cafe and the Steam Exchange Brewery if you want to meet people and taste locally brewed beer.