Campervan Hire in Adelaide:  Kid-Friendly Places in Adelaide You and Your Family Should Visit

Renting a campervan from a campervan hire in Adelaide company and then taking your kids somewhere in the city is a great way to bond with your children. As a parent, it is very important that you spend some time with your kids amidst your busy schedule. Children grow up very fast and before you know it, they are refusing to go anywhere with you because it is no longer “cool” to be seen with their parents. By spending time with them while they are still young, you’ll be able to create more fun memories with them.

So where should you take your kids for a fun-filled cheap campervan hire holiday? In Adelaide and its surrounding areas, you can find lots of kid-friendly tourist attractions that will allow your children to have a good time. Let’s take a look at some of the places you should consider visiting with your family.

First on the list is the Adelaide Zoo. Located along Frome Road, the Adelaide Zoo is highly recommended by many campervan hire in Adelaide experts because it is a place that both kids and grownups can enjoy. What makes this tourist attraction ideal for children is that it allows them to learn about Australia’s native animals. There are numerous displays where they can the animals in their natural habitat. It also raises their awareness of endangered species.

 Adelaide Zoo

In case your kids are interested in trains, you should drive your campervans over to Flinders Ranges to see the Pichi Richi Railway. The Pichi Richi Railway is basically a heritage tourist railway and operating museum. It regularly runs heritage train journey on the oldest remaining section of the famous narrow-gauge old Ghan railway. If you want to take your kids back in time when modern trains and subways are still non-existent, the Pichi Richi Railway is definitely a must-consider.

The Classic Jets Fighter Museum is also another excellent place to visit, especially if you and your kids are interested in military aircraft or aviation in general. The Classic Jets Fighter Museum is home to a permanent collection of jet aircraft ever built. It also includes fighters from the Royal Australian Air Force, as well as plane engines, flight suits, and other memorabilia. According to campervan hire Adelaide experts, if you want your kids to learn about the country’s aviation history, the museum is a fun place to be.

Classic Jets Fighter Museum

There are many places in Adelaide that you and your kids can visit on a campervan. The three discussed above are just some of them. So if you want to have a great time with your children, sign up for campervan hire in Adelaide services and explore the city.