Campervan Hire Adelaide: Visiting Adelaide’s Historical and Heritage Sites

Are you a history buff? If you are, then you would definitely enjoy getting campervan hire in Adelaide and touring this South Australian city. Many of Adelaide’s historical and heritage sites have been wonderfully preserved and a visit to these places will certainly fuel your energy and give you a glimpse at the city’s rich culture and history. Here are some of the most popular historical sites you can visit in Adelaide while travelling in a campervan.

First stop, the Adelaide Gaol. The prison was in operation from 1841 to 1988. Today, it is now open to visitors as a stark reminder of what life was like for prisoners in South Australia during those years. If you’re looking to experience something unique and “otherwordly” at the Adelaide Gaol, cheap campervan hire companies recommend joining the Ghost Tours. Forty five prisoners were hanged at the Adelaide Gaol and the Ghost Tours will give you the opportunity to see ghostly figures and apparitions that were said to be created by the executed inmates.

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In case you want to know what have the city and its people have gone through since the Englishman Edward Gibbon Wakefield founded the city, then a visit to the Migration Museum is a must. The museum is known for collecting, researching, and presenting social history exhibitions about the experiences and cultural traditions of immigrants and indigenous South Australians. If you want to learn more about Adelaide’s inhabitants, campervan hire Adelaide experts said the Migration Museum is an excellent place to visit.

Although the Glenelg Beach is now a bustling seaside resort, this place is also rich in history and is often frequented by cheap campervan hire users. It is here where the first ships landed and fortunately, much has been preserved from its past. When you walk amongst the buildings and the old original sailors’ cottages, it is as if you have been transported to the past so a visit at Glenelg Beach is definite a must-try for history buffs life you.

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Visiting the Ayers House is also another activity many campervan hire Adelaide companies recommend. The Ayers House is an excellent example of colonial Regency architecture as it was the original home of Sir Henry Ayers, a former premier of South Australia. The oldest section of the restored house features a fine collection of Victorian furniture, memorabilia, and art. The place also has two restaurants so if you’re feeling hungry, you can definitely grab a bite while enjoying the old world charm of the Ayers House.

Adelaide is a city rich in history. So if you want to visit historical places in the South Australian capital, you should get campervan hire Adelaide services and start exploring the many well-preserved heritage sites the city has to offer.