What to Bring for a Hassle Free Camping Tour

Ready for your upcoming camping trip? Perhaps you’re now starting to stuff your things in your camper van. As with many camper vans, there may not be a lot of space for all your essentials. This is where you should think about the most important things to bring and which to leave behind. Here are some of the top items you surely don’t want to forget.

Food, Cooking Items and Utensils

You can go camping for days without your gaming device, but surely not without food. This is why food, cooking materials and utensils should be on top of your list. The rule is to always bring extra food in case of emergency. When it comes to cooking materials, less is better. It is wise to bring items that can work in outdoor and indoor cooking. Bring grill or campfire stove, pans and pots. Don’t forget firewood, starter, and lighter.

Pack plates, utensils, and cups, depending on how many are coming with you. If you’re bringing meat products, bring a cooler and ice.

Cleaning Items and Hygiene Products

Bring enough trash bags, tissue, toilet paper and sanitary items. Include enough amounts of shampoo, soap, insect spray and repellents, and sunscreen. Don’t forget to include clean towels. Always keep in mind how long your camping trip will last to determine how much supplies you need.

Pack camping attire and always include extra clothes. The choice of clothing to bring usually depends on your destination’s climate. To be sure, always bring ponchos, jackets, hats, caps and umbrella. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes or two.

Emergency Essentials and General Items

Always be ready for emergencies. It can be hard to deal with medical emergencies when you don’t have the necessary supplies. Prepare an emergency kit, containing medicine, bandage, gauze pads, disinfectant, alcohol wipes and anti-bacterial gel. Make a list of the contact numbers of medical facilities near your destination.

Pack torches and extra batteries. Duct tapes, scissors and knives will also be very helpful. Whether it’s your first time to camp at the location or you have been there several times, always bring a map or a GPS system with you.

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