“Camping Toolkit” to Boost Campervan Rental and Tourism in Queensland Town

A regional town in Queensland is hoping that the state’s new “camping toolkit” will spur campervan rental and tourism in the region. Just recently, the QLD state government has released the Queensland Camping Options Toolkit as part of efforts to grow tourism as one of the four pillars of the local economy. With the launch of the new guidelines, campers from the town of Gympie and beyond will be able to enjoy a new range of quality options on their camping trips.

With the emergence of a huge caravanning culture around the country, as well as the growing number of people buying caravans or signing up for cheap campervan hire services, the Queensland Camping Options Toolkit is seeking to help local councils effectively manage camping and other related activities within their local area. The toolkit was launched following a successful series of community consultations and workshops around the state last year.

Member for Gympie, David Gibson MP is confident that the new initiative will help attract more campervan rental users and drive tourists. “This Toolkit will give the Gympie Regional Council the confidence to assess their current approach to camping and engage stakeholders to grow the local economy through attracting more drive tourists to Gympie,” he said.

Jann Stuckey, Queensland’s Minister of Tourism, acknowledged that there is a fast-growing caravanning culture in many parts of the country, his home state included. He said that caravanning and camping have boomed in recent years, resulting in record numbers of people travelling throughout the Sunshine State. As such, it is no wonder that the state government is seeking to capitalise on the opportunity to encourage more tourists, including those who are signing up for cheap campervan hire services, to visit Queensland and subsequently help the state regain its reputation as being Australia’s top holiday destination.

If you’re planning to get campervan rental and explore Gympie and the rest of Queensland through a campervan, now is the perfect time to do so. With the launching of the Queensland Camping Options Toolkit, campers and tourists can expect better services and accommodations. Because the guidelines are geared towards assisting local operators in providing visitors with the best holiday experience possible, you can be sure that your camping trip will be memorable and enjoyable.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, map your routes, and find a company that can provide you with quality yet affordable campervan rental for an unforgettable camping experience in Gympie and the rest of Queensland.