Renting a campervan from a campervan hire Adelaide company and going on a camping trip is such an idyllic way to connect with nature. However, one of the challenges of going on such a holiday is that you have to bring everything you’re eating and drinking in with you. To help you out, here are some tips to help you pack your food and cooking utensils for your upcoming camping trip.

Tip No 1. Most cheap campervan hire companies include cooking equipment in the campervan they rent out. But if you want to opt out because you want to bring your own cooking implements, make sure that you keep your cooking equipment simple. Don’t carry too much. A couple of wooden spoons, tongs, spatula, and cutlery would do. Also, don’t forget to bring several cleaning tools such as a dish cloth and detergent.

Tip No 2. According to campervan hire Adelaide experts, planning your meals beforehand can definitely be a huge help. It can give you an idea of how to shop and how much to buy for your camping trip. By planning your meals in advance, not only can you minimise your expenses, you can also avoid wasting food and money.

Tip No 3. Unless the campervan you’ve hired from the cheap campervan hire company has a refrigerator, be sure to pack all perishable foods properly. Otherwise, they would spoil easily. Pack perishable foods in coolers filled with ice or frozen gel packs. Make sure to separate raw meat, poultry, and seafood to avoid contaminating other picnic foods. And finally, always keep the coolers closed unless you’re retrieving or placing something in them.

Tip No 4. When it comes to packing non-perishable foods, it’s best to keep things organised so you can save a great deal of time and effort when preparing meals at the campsite. Pack spices and seasoning, such as salt and pepper, together to make it much easier for you to find them later on. As for oils and other liquids that need not to be refrigerated, campervan hire Adelaide experts recommend using a wine bag with partitions to make packing them less complicated.

Tip No 5. Pack lots of water and other kinds of drinks, especially if you have lots of outdoor activities lined up. Otherwise, you’d be feeling parched all the time. Always remember that staying hydrated is one of the secrets to having a very enjoyable campervan hire Adelaide holiday.