The best way to savour your cheap campervan hire is to take it to places you rarely see. The north of Australia is said to represent the true form of the country. It is known to celebrate the indigenous culture and the incredible natural beauty of the continent. The vast and untouched lands and ancient spiritual culture merges with the Western way of life. If you are looking for locations to go to with your campervan rental here is a list of five places to go to:

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First, the north of Australia is known for Uluru or Ayers Rock. It is one of the most identifiable locations in Australia. Uluru’s vast 3.6 kilometre long horizon and 348 metre towering peaks that rises magnificently throughout the land has garnered loads of praise from tourists and locals alike. Uluru is known to be a sacred landmark for the Anangu people. The mystical quality of this site comes from the colour changes it has during the course of the day.

Second location you have to visit is Litchfield National Park. This park is famous for its bushwalking and camping sites, which is perfect for your campervan hire Australia to be used. It also has a lot of awesome waterfalls that plummets into safe, pristine swimming holes that are amazingly refreshing. It is known to have enclosed majority of Tabletop Range which is a wide sandstone plateau that is surrounded by cliffs. The waterfalls are the main attraction of this plateau and you should definitely go here and take a plunge.

Third on the list is Watarrka or Kings Canyon National Park. The biggest attraction of this park is the spectacular yawning chasm of Kings Canyon. It also features Kings Creek Walk which is an accessible trail that follows the rocky creek bed to a raised surface with amazing views of the canyon rim. Another wonderful part of this location is the Garden of Eden, which can be seen after climbing the steep pathway and skirting the rim of the canyon. It is an abundant pocket of cycads around a natural pool of crystal clear water.

Fourth is the Katherine Gorge that features a series of 13 deep sandstone gorges that have been curved out by the Katherine River going from Arnhem Land to the Timor Sea. The beautiful location has a haunting quality to it that makes an impression on the minds of those who visit it. You and your companions can spend a full day of canoeing or cruising on the river and you can even try bushwalking.

Lastly, savour the rental of campervans by visiting the striking Kata Tjuta or the Olgas domed rock formation. Visitors are normally captivated by the 36 domed rocks that are shoulder to shoulder. The view is considered to be a holy ground, so climbing and trekking is not advisable.