Summer is that time of the year when campervans are definitely in high demand. Because school is out and the nation is celebrating the holidays, many people are taking advantage of the opportunity to go on camping trips and have a great outdoor adventure. While it is true that summer is the best time to go out and have some fun, it is still important to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure a fun and exciting summer holiday. Here are some things you should remember.


Tip No 1. Australian summers are known to be extremely hot and scorching. Therefore, make sure to stock up on lots of water and energy drinks after signing up for campervan hire Adelaide services. Drink plenty of liquids before you head out. And if you’re planning to go bushwalking, see to it that you take a bottle of water or sports drinks with you. This will help reduce your risk of passing out due to dehydration.

Tip No 2. Aside from dehydration, sunburn is also something that can spoil your summer holiday. To avoid this, see to it that you apply a copious amount of sunscreen to your skin before swimming at the beach, going on bushwalking, or simply spending some time outdoors. Also, don’t stay outside for far too long. For example, if you have decided to leave your campervans at the campsite and go bushwalking, take the time to rest under a shade to avoid having sunburn.

Tip No 3. Food tends to spoil easily during summer because of the hot temperatures. To ensure that your food will remain safe to eat, campervan hire Adelaide experts suggest keeping cold food cold with ice or frozen gel packs. Pack them in coolers and always keep the coolers closed unless you’re retrieving or placing something in them. Also, make sure to separate raw meat, poultry, and seafood to avoid contaminating other picnic foods.

Tip No 4. This is probably a no-brainer but make sure that you have an emergency kit stashed in your campervans. Or if you don’t have a first aid kit, get a small knapsack and pack bandages, gauze tape, burn cream or spray, calamine lotion, and other items you can use in case of emergency. This should come in handy in case someone gets minor scrapes, burns, rashes, or splinters.

Indeed, summer is the best time to travel in campervans and explore Australia’s every nook and cranny. However, don’t forget to make safety your priority to ensure that no accidents or injuries will spoil your summer holiday.