Let Our Campervans Take You Anywhere

Viva Camper’s campervan services will allow you to fully experience the world down under. Our company has campervan rental in Brisbane and surrounding areas to give backpackers more choices for their road trips. Featuring an excellent selection of campervans and trailers, we give you a new definition to outdoor adventures.

It’s not every day that you can get to experience the wondrous sights around Australia. There are cities to explore and nature parks to trek with friends and families, but where do you start? Australia has a diverse flora and fauna, and you’ll find them all in different cities.

If you’re looking for some quiet time away from the city stress, Adelaide makes a good stop. Featuring nature trails and camping sites, the city gives the perfect opportunity to soak up some sun. You can move to the eastern suburbs or northern beaches of Sydney if you want a change of scenery. The drive may take at most three days, but it can be worth the time if you’re up for a joy ride.

Darwin’s serene walking trails and Perth’s pool reserves also present a new look at paradise, which are enough to make you want to explore more of nature. And wait until you get to Brisbane and Melbourne. Despite being two of the most populous cities in Australia, these have surrounding camping sites that let you experience outback adventures.

Exploring these places wouldn’t be any fun if you have to worry about transportation. If you’re planning to head out the open road, getting campervan hire services can be a practical choice. This is where we step in to help.

Our trailers and campervans come with budget-friendly rates so you don’t have to spend too much on your trip. You can even get the best deals if you shop from any of our campervan hire in Melbourne, Sydney, or Adelaide.

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