What would help make your holiday more fun!!!
Extra Camper Chair (there are two supplied per van) $15 per hire
DVD Player $3 per day
capped at $40
First Aid kit
(you get to keep as a memento of the trip)
$30 per hire
Fishing rod
(includes one fishing rod some tackle and sinkers.
Let us know what you want to catch and we will try and accommodate you)
$50 per trip
Wacko Fridge Freezer $10 per day
Porta Loo $85 per hire
Solar shower (comes with a tent) $3 per day
Quilt-Doona $4 per day
Tent (3 man tent or similar) $3 per day
capped $100
Snorkel equipment $50 per hire
Surf boards $10 per day
capped $100
Toad (just get your own for free in Queensland)
(you get to keep as a memento of the trip)
$ 2.95 per hire

If you cant find what you are looking for here drop us an email at Viva Campers or give us a call and we will do our best to help.


Email: admin@vivacampers.com.au if you need some thing special we will find it for you remember !