Standard Features


Viva campervans have more features for less cost

Kitchen Area 3 Plates, 3 Knifes, 3 forks,3 spoons and 3 bowls. Cooler Box (Esky in Oz), Cutting board, 2 burner cooker, Large pot and frying pan a spatula and the trusty can opener. You cant live on two minute noodles forever.

LED Lighting so you can have the lights on longer, read, cook or play games.

Sleeping area 2 Pillows, 2 sheets, 1 blanket. Our beds are so big that you will think you are at home.

Eating area set up your table inside the van or the portable table for outside.

GPS All our vans come with a Tom Tom GPS. We do not want to see you fighting on your holiday.

Canopy sits outside your van, cook under the protection of a the big Yellow awning. Aviod the sun and keep out of the rain.

Table and chairs You get 2 deck chairs and a good fold up table to cook all your food on.

Stereo Play your music load and hard, well till the neighbours complain… all Stereos are MP3 compatible with a USB inlet to plug your Ipod into or through the ear phone jack.

Inverter Yes you can charge your Laptops, ipods, PSP and other gadgets. You CAN NOT run fans, heaters or Lights from this inverter. But it will charge small items and you will be able to run your laptop from the power source.

Dual Battery’s Yes we put a separate battery in the back so you can still start the Van in the morning after you have had the stereo on until sun up.

Lock up box You have your own lock up box which will easily accept your laptop, passport, and all those gadgets and gifts for home. So you can feel safe to leave somethings in the camper van.

Sleep well We use 100mm High density fire resistant foam so you will feel as comfortable as home. We also use long wheel base camper vans so even if you are 6 foot tall you will easily sleep stretched out.

Block out curtains Yes we know party late sleep long. We can not do much about the birds chirping in the morning that is why you need the grog the night before.

Roof Racks so you can carry the surf boards and other things

Optional Features

Come on why not have some fun!!!!

DVD Player Some night you just need a rest why not take a DVD player with you for a cheap night in.

Surf Board If you are going to come down under why not try some surfing, come on ….. you think the sharks bite.

Bikes Why not rent a mountain bike or two you can see the real Australia on a bike, it is too far to ride all the way around, why not take a bike or two with you. Our Campervans will carry 3 bikes it is a great way to see the country.

Sleeping Bags some places in Australia can get very cold so a sleeping bag may be a good idea.

Fishing rods Why not let us know what you would like to catch and we will see if we can help. First you must decide big fish or bigger fish. You may need to cut them into pieces as our frying pans do not come as long as the fish.

Tents We can supply 2, 3 or 4 man tents to help you travel around but remember there is a limit of 3 people per van if seating allows BY LAW in Australia otherwise a big fine.

Shower facilities Yes we can supply a solar shower beats smelling for a week.

First aid kit $30 each You can keep it at the end as a memento that you did not get hurt. These will not protect you from snakes and spiders but are robust enough to keep them at bay.

Quilt-Donna Why not snug up in your campervan and be warm and cosy.

Extras let us know if we can find it we will get if for you…………………

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