The safest areas to travel in Australia | Viva Campers

Viva Campers want you to have fun while driving your campervan around Australia. The Campervans will go anywhere but there is some areas that the campervans should not go so before you take viva campervans on holidays check out the map below.

This is the safest areas to dive your Viva Campervan in Australia, where most people live and the roads are the best.

We don’t mind if you travel around Australia in a Viva Campervan we just want to make sure you do it safely

If you would like to drive your Viva Campervan somewhere that is not permitted on the map please ask and we maybe able to help. We want you to have fun so it is best we check what you want to do and make sure you do it safely. It is a long way around Oz so let us work together to have fun. There is a $200 fee for traveling into the outback, Please check before you go. Budget vehicles are not permitted in the outback.

Kangaroo Island and much of the Flinders Ranges is not considered the outback we just would like to know you are going there.

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