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Viva Campervans is commited to supplying you a safe and fun campervans to travel around Australia. We want you to have a great time and not cost you a fortune. Why spend thousands on a flash new campervan when a campervan that is a few years older will do. It saves you money so you can stay longer and party harder.

We aim to supply you with fun features so your trip is enjoyable so every Campervan comes with a GPS so you do not end up fighting everytime you want to go somewhere. This saves you Fuel and time. Our killer stereo will keep the neighbours awake but you will have a good time. Our stereos have a USB or ear phone jack so you can listen to your own music in your own language.

Why sit out in the open when you can relax next to your Campervan hire under your own canopy in a good deck chair and table. LED lights with an axilary battery so you can have the lights on longer and still start the van in the morning. In the Campervan there is an Inverter to recharge your phone, computer and iPod. All vans come with a lock up box to keep the passports safe.

You can rent DVD Player, bicycles, surf boards, snorkeling gear, fishing rods and many other things. So why come to Oz and not have a good time. We have block out curtains so you can party all night and sleep all day. Each van has its own name and comes with individual pictures on the campervan, so you will quickly fall in love with your new home.

You get 24 hour 7 days a week road side assistance so ring 1300 397 305 or 1300 397 305 for the cost of a local call Australia Wide, so you will always feel safe. Should the unforeseen happen, you can ring the Main Office 1300 397 305 or 1300 397 305 or the Manager on 0437 459 119 or 0437 459 119. We want you to have a safe and happy holiday.

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Authored by: Leanne